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Dog Behaviourist & Obedience Trainer
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This section is made up of twenty videos, featuring Stan Rawlinson answering many of the most common questions asked about dogs,. such as separation anxiety, crate training or how to put on a dog harness.

How to Stop A Dog Pulling on The Lead

How to Stop a Dog Fight

How to put on a Dog Harness

How to treat Separation Anxiety

How to Crate Train your dog

How to stop a dog fighting

How to toilet train your dog

How to stop a dog jumping up
How to stop dog aggression

How to become a dog trainer or behaviourist

How to become a dog breeder

How to teach your dog to sit and stay

How to Train a Gun Dog Whistle Training

How to Train a dog to play dead

How to teach your dog to retrieve/fetch

How to Stop your Puppy Biting

How to teach an old dog new tricks

How to make a dog Vomit

How to act correctly around your dogs

How to train a deaf dog

How to teach your dog to roll over