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Stan Rawlinson
Dog Behaviourist & Obedience Trainer
The Original Doglistener
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Welcome to Stan Rawlinson's Website

This is a more personal view of one of the UKs leading
Dog Behaviourists and Obedience Trainers.

Please visit my main site Doglistener or see below for further details.

What drives me, my life and beliefs regarding the strange World of
dogs and their amazing and sometimes frustrating behaviour.

I cover all types of behavioural and dog training problems. Though my main work tends to be with fear and aggression, and the very best techniques for rearing puppies.  That allows them to become well rounded and pleasant family dogs. You only have a limited time with your puppy.

I have also placed 20 How To VIDEOS on my site.
They will help you with many of the more common problems

Get it right and the rest of the dogs life will be a joy.

Click on the picture of my five current dogs shown below to go to background.
They are L to R. Guinness. Kai, Edward. Jet and Charlie

Stan Rawlinson Dogs in Bushy Park